Dr. Nikki Reed Wilson, BCND

Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Hypnotherapist

“We Heal When We Feel”

Healing Through Feeling

Wanting alternative non-invasive options to your current health problems?

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired despite your medical doctor’s recommendations? Are you frustrated that your medical team treats you as a subject with a disease rather than a whole person with thoughts and feelings? We are so much more than blood, bones, body systems and tissue. We are more than physical beings. Our feelings are connected to our health.

Let Dr. WIlson show you how we can heal when we feel.


Holistic Redesign™ Session

Dr. Wilson uses a holistic approach that focuses on maintaining a physical, emotional, spiritual and mental balance.

Collective Group Reframe

Perception is the way you feel and think about something. The EVOX facilitates a process called Perception Reframing.

Holistic Care

Holistic care takes into account the physical, mental and emotional well-being and health of the individual. Your life experiences contribute to how you feel. Dr. Wilson and her Holistic Redesign™ Team will work with you to pinpoint the conditions that affect your well-being. Their goal is to help you feel balanced in your life.

Virtual or Remote Consultations

If you live outside of Lafayette, Louisiana virtual or remote
consultations are available. A ZYTO hand cradle can be
purchased or rented for remote sessions unless you are in
agreement with Dr. Wilson to use Muscle Response Testing for
your session. Please contact our office for more details.