Holistic ReDesign™

Holistic ReDesign™

Why do some Holistic ReDesign™ clients have more extreme results more than others? The answer might surprise you.

A Holistic ReDesign™ Session is not to be taken lightly.  It’s not for the faint of heart nor is it for those looking for a quick fix.  You didn’t get yourself into this pickle of feedback of symptoms and stress overnight and you sure aren’t going to find your zen center in one Holistic ReDesign session either.  You will, however, have a road map to reach your best-balanced self in what may seem like a novel of biofeedback reports.

I like to think of a Holistic ReDesign™ Session is for those open, ready, and willing to see their subconscious triggers, the limiting beliefs holding them back from living their best life now and for those who are ready to do the work.  In your session, we will uncover specific limiting beliefs that sabotage your heart’s desires and we will review hundreds of options that you can start doing today to move in a direction of balance and adaptability.  Most of which, won’t cost you a dime.

Here are the 5 acts of self-care that separate the men from the boys and the clients with extreme results from the subtle “maybe I feel better’s.”

Do this daily and move 50% or more closer to center…I double dare you to try:

1. Breathing

It’s free.  Infinite love and gratitude to our ability to breathe -in and out with ease. My favorite meditative techie tool that syncs with your smart phone and helps you get head-heart centered is my HeartMath™ Blue tooth wireless sensor.  Daily practice for a few minutes a day helps this momma keep her cool when triggered as well as building confidence in knowing I am making heart-centered decisions rather than fear based impulsive choices that push me further deviating from zen zero center. We offer your first HeartMath™ Sessions complementary at our office for you to try it out before purchasing a sensor on your own.

2. Water

Not free, but definitely cleaner and more available to us in North America without contamination than most countries. I often set reminders either on my phone or post-it notes to remind me to love myself with WATER.  Connect to the metaphor of WATER and immediately feel inspired to go with the flow. Be sure to drink half of your body weight in fluid ounces daily.  I weight 130lbs, so that means I need 65 fluid ounces a day to stay properly hydrated.  If you’re drinking a cup of coffee, add an additional glass of water.  Water can adapt and go around obstacles can’t it?  Well, so can we. Especially when we are properly hydrated.  

3. Food

Eat real food as often as possible, avoiding the man-made sugar heavy void of nutrients crap. Eat less food and include fasting how many years you are, spread out in 365 days. I am 39 years young. 39 spread out across 365 days in a year comes out to be fasting days every 9th or 10th day for me.  Liquids only on those days helps keep my digestive system doing what I expect it to do… to digest, assimilate and eliminate with ease.

4. Rest

Another free act of self-care. 7-9 hours a night. When you are resting, you are allowing your body to restore, regenerate and be WHOLE.  I love saying this phrase in all my sessions…the most YIN we will ever be is in our mother’s wombs…doesn’t that feel nice just thinking about it? I want clients to know that we not only need to set time to rest our physical bodies, but we also need to rest our contemplative minds and rest our emotional selves.  I like to think of an emotionally available person as one who is emotionally rested. Hard to explain, but I bet you’re picking up what I’m putting down, aren’t ya? Process those emotions as they arise and don’t let them exhaust you…sweeping your feelings under the rug is as obvious as sweeping a small child under the rug.  It’s silly and it doesn’t help you get where you want to go. Most people, including myself can bring their best when they are rested.  Try getting a child to bring their best when they aren’t rested…incredibly hard to do. If you want to be more adaptable and less reactive when triggered, then rest up… mentally, emotionally and physically or else your 4-year-old self may show up and run the show. If you find yourself acting like a toddler, schedule your Holistic ReDesign™ Session now so we can neutralize those triggers and process old feelings buried alive that are begging to be laid to rest with love and gratitude.

5. Exercise

Get in your body. See your body. Feel your body. Listen to your body. Choose some activity that allows the lymphatic system to flow and possibly assist with flexibility.

Alrighty big boys and girls, start incorporating these 5 acts of self-care and you’ll see transformation happening in big ways! Want to take things to the quantum level, then review and put into action your balancers on your personalized ZYTO biofeedback reports from our session.

Seeing, feeling and hearing you,