During cold and flu season, protecting your respiratory system can be a real challenge.  Holistic ReDesign consists of three simple steps but can at times be complex within each step due to addressing the mind, body and spirit connection.  




1. It is my observation that the following things come up often as Stressors on clients scans that have symptoms affecting the respiratory system.

This list are common triggers/ stressors we want to assist the body in RELEASING: 

  • stress
  • mold
  • animal hair or dander
  • chemicals in food or environment or prescription meds
  • fungus
  • parasites
  • pollen
  • cigarrette smoke
  • dust
  • respiratory infections due to virus, bacteria, & pathogens
  • exercise
  • negative thinking
  • unprocessed emotions

Since mucus and inflammation are the biggest challenges with these symptoms, let’s release anything that contributes to more of that painful inflammation. Here are some dietary suggestions to eliminate when dealing with respiratory symptoms:

  • eliminate refined grains including cakes, pastries, tortillas, white rice, white bread.  Ask yourself does this food turn to paste, gooey, muscusy texture when mixed with a little water?
  • eliminate dairy because it produces more mucus
  • eliminate acidic and sugary beverages
  • eliminate fast foods, processed foods, and foods high in bad fats because they eliminate sulfur in the body and as a consequence increases mucus.

I feel that if we rid the body of stressors/ toxins/ triggers including physical, mental, spiritual and emotional triggers…and we restore the body with what it needs, that our bodies can heal themselves.  Think of this step, RESTORE, as ways to assist the body in what it already innately knows what to do. 

2. Historically, the following nutrients, herbs, homeopathics, healing modalities have been used to restore balance for respiratory symptoms.

  • Feel your feelings
  • Hydrate
  • Rest
  • Epsom Salt Baths, Infrared Sauna, Dry Skin Brushing, Enemas, Lymphatic Movement
  • Eat easily digestible proteins, good quality fats, vegetables and super greens
  • One teaspoon of lemon and one teaspoon of honey in warm water sipped as a tea helps to break up mucus
  • B Complex vitamin that includes pantothenic acid (B5) as well as vitamins A and D and C
  • Minerals
  • Probiotics 
  • NSP’s Silver Shield or Barlow Herbal’s LDM-100
  • Chlorella or Spirulina (Super greens high in b-vitamins, vitamins a, d, and c, minerals and an easily digestible protein) 
  • Positive affirmations: I am free from all congestion and influence. I am at peace with myself and others. All is well.

I need you to be aware that  these herbs have all been used by me and my children to RESTORE health during respiratory symptomatic times. We do not take over the counter medications nor prescription drugs so we don’t have to worry about drug-herb interaction, but if you take meds…do your research to make sure there aren’t interactions that push you further away from center.  

Herbals I trust: Nature’s  Sunshine Product’s:  VS-C, ALJ, LB Extract, Lobelia, Echinacea. 

3. Shifting your perception from victimhood into a state of empowerment will allow the mucus to move on out.  

Do you know anyone who has a phlegmatic personality?  Do they tend to linger or stick around even though the conversation has clearly ended? Guided imagery tip: Perhaps it would be nice to imagine sending the mucus an “I regret to inform you letter, but it’s time to move your mucus self on out.  There’s no longer rooms for rent in my sinus cavity nor lungs.  Times up.  Got to go! With love, Empowered Landlord” 

REFRAMING your perception of being emotionally disconnected to one that is emotionally integrated helps to open up the energy in the lung and heart chakra areas.  Reframe your thoughts to be more conducive of building relationships rather than becoming cold hearted at this time in your life.  Start with simple visualizations and using your imagination to activate the cells in your body to be mind medicine.
I recently had a 3 day mucus project and did everything on this list.  My influenza/ sinusitis was gone in three days. I was back at work yesterday and even though there is a lingering brain fog, I am going to set time today to meditate and visualize myself meeting someone new in 2018. That immediately warms my heart and gets my blood and oxygen circulating which helps the brain fog better and faster than taking an herb.
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Seeing, feeling, and hearing you,