Up-Leveling Your Emotions for Improved Health

Up-Leveling Your Emotions for Improved Health

Holistic ReDesign: Up-Leveling Your Emotions

Did you know that emotions have their own unique vibrational frequencies? David Hawkins created the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness, which displays these frequencies from highest to lowest. At the bottom of the scale are the more problematic emotions of shame and guilt, while the highest frequencies are peace and enlightenment.
Using this scale in my practice for the last 15 years, I have seen many clients transform their lives as I’ve helped them to up-level their emotions.

By up-level, I mean we are taking them up the ladder one emotion at a time. So, for example, to raise consciousness of an addiction, we would move through anger first. Then we would talk about things you are proud of, and then talk about things where it takes courage to ask for your heart’s desire, and so forth.

I follow this process with my clients all the time and have seen some amazing results. The great thing is that you can use this technique to up-level on your own. All you have to do is follow these 4 steps.

1 – Write down repetitive thoughts

Science shows that 70% of the thoughts we have in a day are repetitive thoughts that we’ve had from previous days. These thoughts create the same choices, behaviors, experiences, emotions, and feelings
over and over again. And if you have lower vibrational thoughts such as guilt, blame, shame, or anxiety,
then there’s breakdown happening in the body and probably in your relationships as well.

There is a scientific theory called the Observer Effect which proves that once you start to observe
something, you are no longer a victim. You become, I’m going to say, like a participant. You now get to
participate and start to control and manipulate how you want to feel. This means that if you want a
surefire way to get out of the victim mentality, you should start observing and recording your thoughts.

Because we have thoughts that are repeating every day, I would encourage you to get pen and paper
out. Writing on pen and paper an effective way to access the subconscious brain. Take a few minutes to
write down those repetitive thoughts each day and you will begin to see the Observer Effect manifest in
your thought patterns.

2 – Ask if you consciously choose those thoughts

When Christine came to me for a session, she admitted she had some stubborn habits. She talked to me
about her emotional eating, inability to stay in shape, and emotional addictions she had in her
relationship with her man. She found herself always getting triggered and going straight to a place of
anger in these situations. That emotion wasn’t her conscious choice.

As you write down your repetitive thoughts, the next step is to ask yourself, “Do I consciously choose to
feel this way? Do I consciously choose to keep believing this thought?” If, like Christine, you find that
you don’t choose those thoughts or feelings, you know that it’s happening for subconscious reasons.

Knowing what thoughts and feelings you can’t control can be very empowering, and you can begin to
focus on those through the rest of this process.

3 – Set an intention (paired with an emotion)

In order to create the future that we want and prevent the past from repeating itself, we need to set an
intention, paired with the subconscious emotion we are feeling. This is especially important if you are
living in a state of victimhood.

The most devastating event in my life is when my husband passed away at age 34, leaving me with two
kids and a practice I now had to run on my own. After he died, I decided I was not going to fall victim but
was going to up-level out of grief and climb the ladder to become my best self. Setting this intention has
helped improve my life and the lives of my kids, and has also helped my business thrive.

One thing I used to constantly say to myself during this challenging time is that, “I’m confident and
capable, feeling amazing.” Or if I got triggered with feelings of fear, I would say, “I’m safe, feeling

So I would ask you to check in with yourself in the same way. Ask yourself what you’re currently feeling and how you really want to feel in your heart. Imagine yourself in your future. Take a moment and drop into your heart and ask how you want to feel instead of your current stress. Then fill in the blanks in this statement: I am ________, feeling _________.

Remember that the only way to create change is in the generous present moment. We have to
understand that the emotional triggers that we are having are helping us to evolve to our highest, best

4 – Repeat the intention

The brain learns to deprogram and reprogram itself through repetition. Think about when you learned
your ABCs. It was through repetition. Like writing down your thoughts, repetition is a powerful way to
access the subconscious brain to create sustainable change.

While setting an intention is great, you won’t get far unless you overwhelm your conscious mind by
repeating it consistently. When somebody comes into my office, I have a movie about the Emotion Code
playing in the lobby. So from the moment somebody comes in, I start planting seeds in their
subconscious brain. They start to hear it once, twice, three times before they even come into my office.

It’s also good to know that our subconscious brain is hyper-suggestible first thing in the morning and
right before bed. So along with repeating your intention at various times throughout the day, make sure
to say it at these times as well.

It’s through repeating your intention—even when you’re triggered and reactive—that things will really shift.

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