Perceptions and limiting beliefs cause your body to be in a fight or flight state.

Guided Imagery / Hypnotherapy Session

Our bodies are a reflection of our conscious mind and our subconscious programming. During your relaxed state, Dr. Wilson will give suggestions to modify the unwanted behavior you are currently struggling with. She will help you manage your stress and finally quit those addictions for good while turning the volume down on the pain you’re experiencing and turning the volume up on your self-confidence.

Dr. Wilson can personalize the session for each individual’s needs.

Guided imagery has proven to be helpful for the following symptoms:

  • social anxiety, phobias and fears
  • lack of confidence in relationships
  • emotional tolerance
  • focus attention issues
  • infertility
  • pregnancy issues
  • pain management
  • quitting smoking
  • weight loss
  • releasing post traumatic stress triggers
  • depression, grief and loss

Dr. Wilson has studied Kappasinian methods which uses physical and emotional suggestibility to help you with troublesome symptoms.

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