Dr. Nikki Reed Wilson

Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Hypnotherapist

“We heal when we feel.” – Dr. Wilson

I practice the holistic lifestyle because my life depends on it. If I had continued living the examples shown to me as a child I would have repeated the same health conditions of relatives before me. By the time many of my relatives were my age, they had experienced cardiovascular disease, digestive disorders, mental disorders, several cancers, surgeries removing female parts, poor dental health needing dentures, insulin dependence, heavy reliance on prescription drugs, etc. I won’t pretend that changing my lifestyle and habits has been easy. It takes mental discipline, self motivation and owning my power to be the change I seek.

For my daughters who lost their father in 2012, it is vital for me to take the best care of myself because they need me. I also have a toddler that I bring my best for each day as well. Living life as a single mother of three, running a practice and being a supportive member of my community and an advocate for health freedom takes living a balanced life.

It is my observation that the clients I see who do daily self care (drinking lots of water, eating good food, daily exercise, having 7 to 9 hours of sleep, owning their power) adapt well to life’s stresses. That resiliency lives in me. It’s my daily intention to release things that no longer serve me in my body, mind and in my relationships; to restore my mind, body and spirit with activities like family bike rides, healthy meals to gather together and digest our emotions of life, liquid fasting several days a week, daily prayer and meditation, constant singing and music in our home, learning new things that I am passionate about, and receiving treatments from local healers and consultations from my mentors in the Holistic Healing Arts. Most importantly, it is my daily practice to reframe my perceptions by choosing love regardless of the pain, fear and life’s tragedies that I, like you, have endured.

Living a holistic life is my passion…

because I have a peace and a “knowing” in my soul that I am called to do what I am doing for myself, my children and my clients. I am also passionate about music and arts. I received my bachelors degree of Fine Arts from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2000 and love when I am able to either see local theatre, listen to live music, or walk around to appreciate the arts in my community. If the stars align, and I can help raise money for charities by acting and singing, that fills my love tank, too.

For over a decade I have enjoyed learning the following skills and use a variety of them in every session.

  • Naturopathy Doctor Certificate from Trinity College of Natural Health
  • Board Certification from the AMNCB
  • Certified LifeLine Technique™ Practitioner
  • Master Hypnotherapist from Hypnosis Motivation Institute
  • Zyto Biofeedback Practitioner of Elite, Select, Compass, EVOX licenses for 10 years
  • Reiki 3 Levels Certificates
  • Reflexology Certificate
  • Quantum Touch Level 1 Certificate
  • Akashic Record 3 Levels Certificate
  • Integrative Energy Therapist 3 Levels Certificates

The clients with whom my work resonates, get the results they are seeking...

as well as peace from taking what we do in our sessions together and applying it in their daily lives. I did not have to look farther than my own extended families health care to know that doctors are giving a drug for every bug and a pill for every ill. I have the utmost respect for the medical community for its ability to extend life in emergency situations (my own mother lived on life support for several months in 2000.) I am still learning about the miraculous ability of our bodies to heal, regnerate and be whole. After losing loved ones to health-related disease I became convinced that these things were happening for subconscious reasons. We do not perceive truth, we perceive what we believe. Our beliefs can be medicine or poison for the soul and our bodies. What I do for myself and my clients is help turn limitations into possibilities.

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