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"Your Body is the Home for the Spirit"

– Dr. Wilson

Holistic ReDesign™ Session

Dr. Wilson uses several holistic techniques to help you reach a balance of mind, body and spirit. Likened to a homeowner renovating their home, she can guide you in your personal makeover.

To assist you in building toward optimal health, her team uses a three-step process: Release, Restore and Reframe. Dr. Wilson combines her training as a naturopathic doctor and a master hypnotherapist to help you build a healthy lifestyle upon.

Couples and family HRD sessions are also available.

Why is your body reacting the way it is?

Because of subconscious reasons.

Holistic Re-Design Session


Likened to the demolition phase of a rebuild


Likened to restoring things that have great value and necessary for quality of life


Changing the way we view life and our limiting beliefs so healing occurs naturally

Consider this ReDesign session a renovation of sorts for the mind and spirit, but the body gets to go through the journey too.

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