Collective Group Reframing – Collectively, we can change… and that feels good.

Collective Group Reframing – Collectively, we can change… and that feels good.

Collective Group Reframing – Collectively, we can change… and that feels good.

If you could change the way you think about things and it would change your life and bring to your body, would you do it?  Learn how with a Collective Group Reframing Session with Dr. Nikki Reed Wilson, BCND.


  • As you see yourself today, do you notice pain and stress?
  • Within the body?
  • Within your relationships?
  • Within your communities? Country?
  • Are you able to express your true thoughts and feelings?


In a Collective Group Reframe, we will uncover the subconscious reasons our symptoms and stress are happening.  When our bodies react in ways that we do not choose, we can describe those behaviors as triggers.

2 Ways to Learn About Your Triggers

2 ways to learn about your triggers are through muscle testing and through voice analysis.  Muscle testing is simply a conversation between me and your subconscious mind.  How does it work in a group setting?  I will muscle test the collective consciousness of those participants who are open, ready and willing.  The technology that allows me to put these subconscious conversations in tangible form is my ZYTO Elite software.


You can rent or purchase ZYTO Hand Cradles for virtual sessions from our office.  


Concepts of Perceptions and Limiting Beliefs

I will share concepts of perceptions and limiting beliefs and how they keep us from our heart’s desire.  We will us David Hawkins Power vs Force, as well the universal language of emotions to raise consciousness.  

  • Did you know that each note on the musical scale resonates with a region of the body?
  • Or that musical vibrations can also be helpful in shifting our perceptions?
  • What life view do you currently have?  Do you see beauty in all things or do you carry a vibration of fear around?

In a Collective Group Reframe, we are tapping into the quantum field of all possibilities.  The holographic effect implies that what is happening to one is also happening to the whole.  We can even apply that on a cellular level and say that what happens to one of my cells is happening to the trillion.  


Affordable Collective Group Reframing

Our Collective Group Reframes are affordable so you can repeat them weekly or monthly in order to create a realistic time frame for sustainable change.

Two ways in which we learn:

  • Law of Association (Positive and Negative Known Experiences)
  • Law of Repetition (forming a practice of this work can result in powerful paradigm shifts)


A walk through a Collective Group Reframing Session

I collect subconscious stressors:

  • Who are the people who trigger us?
  • What chakra isn’t vibrating at it’s highest potential
  • When did the stress originally occur?
  • When were we in an environment where we were unseen, unfelt and unheard?
  • Why do we hold onto limiting beliefs that no longer serve us?  What are they?
  • In which of the 12 ZONES of Perception are we most reactive?

The subconscious stressors are represented by the red dots outside the circle in figure 1.  The goal of a Collective Group Reframing Session is to bring these stressors into alignment, indicated by the red dots turning green and moving inside the circle.

Then I collect the following balancers:

  • What do we need to feel in order to heal?
  • Which flower essences help us to process unprocessed emotions?

We are able to see in the following screenshots, that 3 of the 6 stressors were brought into balance simply by looking for more beauty in all things, including traumatic events.

The remaining stressors were brought into range and balanced once we connected to our past memories, felt the emotions in the present moment, and reimagined a more balanced behavior or situation in the future.

I will conclude each Collective Group Reframing Session by retelling the story that no longer serves us, in hopes that when we hear it again, the nervous system no longer carries the same reactive charge.  This calming effect is due to shifting our perceptions and healing by feeling our feelings.

I offer Collective Group Reframing Sessions in my office as well as virtually Wednesday evenings at 6:00 PM.  Book now using this link: