Ready to be triggered this holiday?

Ready to be triggered this holiday?

Top 3 Holistic ReDesign Tips To Move Through A Triggered State of Being

1. Be Aware of the Awareness and Flow With Duality

Metacognition is the awareness of your own thoughts and feelings.  This is the first step in seeing a triggered state within yourself as well as when others around you are triggered.  If you are a grown-up and you find yourself feeling bullied, forced or any of the following emotions…you are most definitely in a triggered state.

Miserable, humiliated, ashamed, guilt, blame, regret, tragedy, fear, anxiety, disappointment, addiction, cravings, desire, anger, hate, impatience, demanding, argumentative, prideful

All of these emotions on the FORCED side of this Power vs Force chart are appropriate to move through and learn and feel when we are children growing up in an environment where our thoughts and feelings aren’t always considered.

In a triggered state, you may feel like a child again, due to an unprocessed past experience in your neural network getting triggered by your senses: sight, smell, taste, touch, intuition or hearing sounds, tone, or the words themselves can bring about associations that carry negative feelings. Basically, your brain is holding all experiences in your limbic reactive brain on these neural networks and they carry either positive or negatively charged emotional associations.

These triggeres occur so that you can get a REDO. Now that you are aware of the thoughts and feelings that are repeating that you don’t like, ask yourself the following question:

How do I feel when I think the thought …”sometimes I feel _________ and sometimes I feel the opposite?”

Isn’t it the truth?  Duality always exists. Thanks to us living in a Newtonian model of physics, we know that there is always an equal and opposite response to something that we may not conscious see, feel nor hear.  But yet, science proves it is there.

Train your brain to flow with opposition.

Visualize the infinity symbol.

There are an infinite amount of possibilities for you to feel and think differently and this is where you take back your power in a triggered state of being.

No ONE FORCES you to stay stuck. You can EVOLVE.  You can UPLEVEL.

Use the imagery of nesting dolls…notice where you are in a triggered state and then move through the next emotional level up towards an empowered feeling such as acceptance or willingness. Climb inside yourself. The goal is to KNOW that you are WHOLE. We are made in a HIGHER POWER’s image.  You are built to feel everything. No need to exaggerate it. One nesting doll of that emotion is plenty. Let’s not collect 30 tiny shame dolls because you really only need one to stack inside of the WHOLE set.

2. Learn what your dominant triggered personality is and push yourself to become a blend of both, THINKER and FEELER, using head and heart equally in your relationships. We learned this program by our perceptions of who our secondary caretaker was in relationship with mom. How did Dad react when triggered with Mom?

THINKERS love to stay in the head and argue their point of view when triggered. Most consider them KNOW-IT-ALLS and walk on egg shells around this dominant triggered personality.  Others are unable to speak their truth because THINKERS when triggered, can only see things from their point of view. THINKERS are so controlling, especially when their environment makes them feel out of control.  It takes one person, that a THINKER will allow inside that HEART WALL, to create change. That special person typically will be treated unfairly and be bullied by this THINKERS rigid beliefs.

If you are in a relationship with a strong THINKER, then do your best to not take things personally when your words, tone of voice, ideas and feelings are not considered important or valid to a strong THINKER.  You can stand in your KNOWING, that your Thoughts, Feelings and Personality are always valid and loved even if they do not know how to show it, YET. 

You can learn to teach a THINK how to love you, but it takes you wearing the COURAGOUS outfit or imagining you to be the COURAGOUS nesting doll personality when navigating a triggered THINKER.

Use Non-violent Communication to illustrate to your THINKER partner, that you SEE them wanting to be right or wanting to control. Express how you feel with duality: Sometimes I feel grateful for you taking the lead and sometimes I feel like you aren’t considering my ideas.  Then speak about what you think NEEDS to happen next.  I need you to know that I love doing things together but WANT you to know that my intention is to ____________ and feel ____________.

The 4 steps of Non-Violent Communication are:

I see ________

I feel ________

I need ________

I want ________

And don’t forget to bring in the duality of your thoughts and feelings so that your partner doesn’t feel BULLIED by your thoughts and beliefs. Or manipulated by your fleeting feelings.

FEELERS often become overly complicated and emotional when triggered causing others around them to feel uncomfortable with them unable to reduce the drama or simplify the complexity of thoughts and feelings going on inside them. When triggered, it is typically in a group setting or family environment when others can clearly see that the behavior of the FEELER is exaggerated in comparison to the others at the table or others in the group. Now, FEELERS can get triggered in one-on-one conversations, of course, and this will cause the other non-triggered person to feel emotionally manipulated. 

Do your best to remember that it is unconscious and that your FEELER partner is simply triggered and can’t see themselves out of the emotions.  They will need your help in understanding the benefit of purging what they are feeling and the greater truth of them, is that they can have an appropriate emotional response at an appropriate level. (NOT needing to exude the vibration of a feeling at the loudest level possible but take it on down a few notches to something more tolerant for those around them.)

FEELERS, when triggered, often become verbose and impulsive and spontaneous.  Whereas, the THINKER will spend time overthinking something before moving forward.  So if there is a project needing to be completed or resolution needing in conflict, getting out of a triggered state will hurry things along in having resolution. 

My favorite way to help a FEELER when triggered, is to ask more questions with an understanding that I am not supposed to respond.  Let them purge the exaggeration of the emotion so it looks like this:

I see you’re upset but you may be feeling something else.  What are you feeling?  And what else makes you feel that way?  Anything else?  Do you feel lighter just sharing it with me?  Maybe there’s more to be purged. What else is making you feel that way? 

Once they purge, offer resolution with asking, “Is there anything you think I can do to make you feel better?”  (Oh, and do your best to JUST ASK and not keep contributing to their FIRE of FEELINGS)

The goal is to push them out of their feelings and into their head with changing their thoughts to something more loving.

When we love people…. we don’t always know how to show it in the way they feel loved.  This is beyond the 5 basic love languages.  Hold space for your triggered loved ones.  They need our guidance in upleveling.  If you know they don’t intend to wreck your moment, your day, your month, your year or your life…. then act that way.  No one is out to hold you back from BEING YOUR BEST SELF. Period.

It is your choice to think loving thoughts and feel more accepting and loving of your reality.

Remember that thoughts are the language of the brain and feelings are the language of the body.  When a person thinks a repeated thought, this produces the same choices that produce the same behaviors that produce the same emotions from the original repeated thought.  In order to EVOLVE in a better version of ourselves, we need to be mindful of our NEW THOUGHTS, producing new choices and new behaviors and new feelings which then bring inspiration to those around us and then we can EVLOVE in UPLEVELING equally with our partners and not leave them in victimhood or in repeating their PAST PROGRAM. 

When our partners ar triggered, it is simply a PAST PART of them that was unprocessed.  You can help them process things by simply letting them feel their way through it and making new choices that will produce new chemicals of healing and restoration in the body rather than chemicals of stress which leads to breakdown in the body- dis-ease.

How you think and how you feel creates a state of BEING.

When your partner thinks guilty thoughts. Their body produces more chemicals producing more guilt which will lead to a state of being of pain and inflammation in the body at a cellular level.

This cycle over and over conditions our bodies to be addicted to those past thoughts and beliefs and emotions.  Holistic ReDesign helps illuminate which thoughts beliefs and emotions we are unable to say NO to.  Holistic ReDesign helps you consciously change in a safe way.

The hardest part of change is stopping the thoughts that are repeated from the past and choosing a HIGHER emotion to make new associations with.

3. Use the Power vs Force chart to guide you up. When triggered, notice your LIFE VIEW and notice Your Thoughts/ Beliefs and then notice HOW YOU ARE FEELING.

Figure out where you are.  Do the HOKEY POKEY and turn yourself around and climb up one level at a time to a place of empowerment. 

As we enter this holiday season, do your best, it’s always good enough!

Love what it.

Even if it feels sarcastic at first, say out loud the thing that triggers you and end with …and I LOVE THAT!

Wishing you mindfulness this holiday season,

Dr. Nikki and Holistic ReDesign Team


Up-Leveling Your Emotions for Improved Health

Up-Leveling Your Emotions for Improved Health

Holistic ReDesign: Up-Leveling Your Emotions

Did you know that emotions have their own unique vibrational frequencies? David Hawkins created the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness, which displays these frequencies from highest to lowest. At the bottom of the scale are the more problematic emotions of shame and guilt, while the highest frequencies are peace and enlightenment.
Using this scale in my practice for the last 15 years, I have seen many clients transform their lives as I’ve helped them to up-level their emotions.

By up-level, I mean we are taking them up the ladder one emotion at a time. So, for example, to raise consciousness of an addiction, we would move through anger first. Then we would talk about things you are proud of, and then talk about things where it takes courage to ask for your heart’s desire, and so forth.

I follow this process with my clients all the time and have seen some amazing results. The great thing is that you can use this technique to up-level on your own. All you have to do is follow these 4 steps.

1 – Write down repetitive thoughts

Science shows that 70% of the thoughts we have in a day are repetitive thoughts that we’ve had from previous days. These thoughts create the same choices, behaviors, experiences, emotions, and feelings
over and over again. And if you have lower vibrational thoughts such as guilt, blame, shame, or anxiety,
then there’s breakdown happening in the body and probably in your relationships as well.

There is a scientific theory called the Observer Effect which proves that once you start to observe
something, you are no longer a victim. You become, I’m going to say, like a participant. You now get to
participate and start to control and manipulate how you want to feel. This means that if you want a
surefire way to get out of the victim mentality, you should start observing and recording your thoughts.

Because we have thoughts that are repeating every day, I would encourage you to get pen and paper
out. Writing on pen and paper an effective way to access the subconscious brain. Take a few minutes to
write down those repetitive thoughts each day and you will begin to see the Observer Effect manifest in
your thought patterns.

2 – Ask if you consciously choose those thoughts

When Christine came to me for a session, she admitted she had some stubborn habits. She talked to me
about her emotional eating, inability to stay in shape, and emotional addictions she had in her
relationship with her man. She found herself always getting triggered and going straight to a place of
anger in these situations. That emotion wasn’t her conscious choice.

As you write down your repetitive thoughts, the next step is to ask yourself, “Do I consciously choose to
feel this way? Do I consciously choose to keep believing this thought?” If, like Christine, you find that
you don’t choose those thoughts or feelings, you know that it’s happening for subconscious reasons.

Knowing what thoughts and feelings you can’t control can be very empowering, and you can begin to
focus on those through the rest of this process.

3 – Set an intention (paired with an emotion)

In order to create the future that we want and prevent the past from repeating itself, we need to set an
intention, paired with the subconscious emotion we are feeling. This is especially important if you are
living in a state of victimhood.

The most devastating event in my life is when my husband passed away at age 34, leaving me with two
kids and a practice I now had to run on my own. After he died, I decided I was not going to fall victim but
was going to up-level out of grief and climb the ladder to become my best self. Setting this intention has
helped improve my life and the lives of my kids, and has also helped my business thrive.

One thing I used to constantly say to myself during this challenging time is that, “I’m confident and
capable, feeling amazing.” Or if I got triggered with feelings of fear, I would say, “I’m safe, feeling

So I would ask you to check in with yourself in the same way. Ask yourself what you’re currently feeling and how you really want to feel in your heart. Imagine yourself in your future. Take a moment and drop into your heart and ask how you want to feel instead of your current stress. Then fill in the blanks in this statement: I am ________, feeling _________.

Remember that the only way to create change is in the generous present moment. We have to
understand that the emotional triggers that we are having are helping us to evolve to our highest, best

4 – Repeat the intention

The brain learns to deprogram and reprogram itself through repetition. Think about when you learned
your ABCs. It was through repetition. Like writing down your thoughts, repetition is a powerful way to
access the subconscious brain to create sustainable change.

While setting an intention is great, you won’t get far unless you overwhelm your conscious mind by
repeating it consistently. When somebody comes into my office, I have a movie about the Emotion Code
playing in the lobby. So from the moment somebody comes in, I start planting seeds in their
subconscious brain. They start to hear it once, twice, three times before they even come into my office.

It’s also good to know that our subconscious brain is hyper-suggestible first thing in the morning and
right before bed. So along with repeating your intention at various times throughout the day, make sure
to say it at these times as well.

It’s through repeating your intention—even when you’re triggered and reactive—that things will really shift.

ZYTO Wellness Webinar – We Heal When We Feel


Join doctor of naturopathy and certified hypnotherapist Nikki Reed Wilson to discover how we can “feel it to heal it” by liberating our emotional energy. In this webinar, Dr. Nikki provides proven techniques to create positive change and minimize stress so the body can heal.

About Nikki Reed Wilson

Nikki Reed Wilson is a board-certified naturopathic doctor, certified hypnotherapist, and creator of
Holistic Redesign™. Utilizing several holistic techniques, she helps her client achieve balance in mind,
body, and spirit to create optimal health. To learn more about Dr. Nikki, visit her website at

What can I expect from a Holistic ReDesign™ Session?

What can I expect from a Holistic ReDesign™ Session?

Holistic ReDesign™ Session

What can I expect from a Holistic ReDesign™ Session?  This post will answer that question for you.  Our session will include a variety of healing modalities and tools that I have come to use over the last decade of creating Holistic ReDesign™ Sessions. I observe the client as a whole… meaning we address: mind, body and spirit in each and every session. From the moment our eyes meet, I am using my traditional naturopathic traditional Chinese medicine to chart and assess the clues your body gives me. Did you know that where your wrinkles are located on your forehead, the shape of your face and body, as well as thousands of other clues are feedback of what is happening at a cellular level as well as a subconscious level. You’ve heard me say it a million times, but seriously, who do you know that wakes up in the morning choosing the physical ailments you struggle changing or choosing the stress in your relationships?

We know that these things are happening for subconscious reasons. Check out this book if you are interested in learning the clues our bodies give us: Your Body Never Lies by Michio Kushi

It may be subtle or I may talk about what I see in your face, tongue, skin, hair, nails, and posture if it relates to why you’re coming in for a session. I’m all about empowering you to be the creator of your life, not the victim. Because it is my intention to speak to you and your body with love and gratitude in a non-violent way, I will be using a form of communication called, Non-Violent Communication. Together, we will make observations of what you are feeling at this time and/or felt for a lifetime. We will write these symptoms down so that you can see them and rate them. Here are the steps of NVC.


Step 1 of NVC is to OBSERVE.

In science, when we make the conscious choice to observe something, the energy must shift. This is known as The Observer Effect. If you are having an HRD Session, then I know you are making a conscious choice to see a shift/ experience a change. Becoming aware of the awareness is one of the opening steps.

Group Collective Reframing Session Photo


Step 2 is to FEEL.

At this time in our session, I will ask you to connect to the stress in your life and to share with me the feelings that arise when thinking certain thoughts. (Intertwined in this first half of HRD sessions are three tools I use to help you see, feel and hear yourself in a present way: Non-Violent Communication, The Work by Byron Katie and The LifeLine Technique™ by Dr. Darren Weissman.) I feel that in your past, when you were unseen, unfelt and unheard, there are unprocessed emotions linked to those events connecting to your health. 


Step 3 is to address NEEDS.

What needs to happen? From my professional point of view, I need you to be open to change and allow me to do my work. As a Master Hypnotherapist, it is paramount that my client become open to suggestions in our sessions, otherwise, their analytical mind will create resistance keeping the cycle of symptoms repeating. It is my intention to plant seeds of change in the client’s subconscious mind. I structure the session in such a way, that within 20 minutes, your mind is ready to receive the positive suggestions that will create sustainable change. I’m going to safely assume that you’re coming because you need a change either in physical ways, emotional ways, mental or spiritual. Holistic ReDesign™ Sessions will have these basic needs met…you will be seen, felt and heard in my office with me and/or with any Holistic ReDesign™ Coach.


Step 4 is to ask for what you WANT.

What does your heart truly desire? Taken from several different thought leaders, we know that the most powerful words spoken are the “I” and “AM” together. All sessions will be heart led with your wants. What is it that your highest self truly wants to feel or have in your future? We will write out your “I am ________ .” This will be my guide in leading our session in raising consciousness together. Remember that whatever follows the “I am” starts the creation of it and we are moving out of victimhood and into owning our power. Your body is incredibly powerful and your mind even more so. We will be working on both mind and body throughout the session.

Once we begin communicating with your subconscious mind, we will collect data that will end up on a report that gets emailed to you following the session. The report will be personalized to you. It will list your limiting beliefs, emotions that you are suppressing and emotions that your body is longing to feel, ages at which we can find patterns of similar stress, balancing healing modalities, balancing phytonutrients and dietary suggestions, and reports of people, pathogens and things that are stressful to your mind, body and spirit.

Questioning our beliefs about ourselves and becoming aware of how critical we truly are is the start of raising consciousness. Our programming have come to us from the projected beliefs of others and experiences and thoughts of others influencing us into believing that is who we are. We don’t perceive truth, unfortunately; rather we perceive what we believe. Most of my clients are unaware of their limiting beliefs and how much they are connected to their physical symptoms. We begin this process of discovery through muscle testing (communicating to your subconscious) and using a non-invasive FDA approved biofeedback decision support tool, called ZYTO.

I will be scanning you during our session and cross referencing with a variety of educational tools for you to learn why your body is doing what it’s doing and how we can bring balance to the whole.


What else can I expect from a Holistic ReDesign™ Session? 

The majority of our time together will be about discussing what comes up as stressful and what shows up as balancing. I will use Neuro Linguistic Programming as well as other tools to move through emotions in a safe space. When I bring up the concept of emotional intelligence, I am talking about the ability to identify, assess, and control emotions and/or how we feel when others around us are feeling their emotions. In each HRD Session, you will be practicing ways to raise your EQ (emotional quotient.) These 5 things are consistently done with those with high emotional intelligence and I share this with you because it is my observation that the body bounces back to center quickly for those with higher EQ’s. I will be holding space for you to do the following and practice along with you, becoming more:


1) Self – Aware

You’ll become more aware of what triggers you and I’ll be using tools to help neutralize those triggers in each session. We will also use Dr. David Hawkins’ work called Power verses Force to become aware of where you are when triggered and what emotional step needs to be taken to rise above.

2) Self – Regulated


Allowing me to trigger you in a safe space where the stressful situation is clearly not happening is how we begin to learn how to self-regulate.

3) Self – Motivated

Setting an intention from the heart and allowing that to motivate you rather than coming from a place of force allows empowerment and enlightenment to occur with ease. The heart knows the next best move. We refer to this as our highest self in our sessions. This is typically how a client addresses spiritual growth…by allowing their highest self to motivate them.

4) Empathetic

Learning to be sensitive to your own emotions and feelings as well as being mindful to allow others to feel their feelings creates safe environments for healing. We will practice learning to hold space for others to heal when they see, feel and hear when they themselves are triggered.

5) Communicate non-violently

We both will be making observations, connecting to our feelings, expressing what needs to happen and lastly asking for what we want from each other. You are the boss and creator of you. I’m just grateful for the opportunity to raise consciousness with you.

Each session includes voice analysis which serves as a visual aid for you to see when your subconscious is in a reactive state and when it is not. Allowing me to trigger you in a safe way, through neuro linguistic programming and other tools, we will begin to condition your nervous system for a more neutral reaction rather than fight, freeze or flight (linked to high cortisol levels and inflammation in the body.) We may even use hemi-stem lights and binaural beats to help bring your brain into alpha state for receiving suggestions with ease. We will go several rounds of recording the voice and me neutralizing those triggers. Once there is a shift in perception, the nervous system will reveal that in the voice analysis and we wrap up the session.

Upon closing our session, you will receive a personalized Flower Essence remedy to continue your emotional healing once the session ends. The homeopathic remedy will carry a frequency that helps to bridge the gap between the past part of you that was once unseen, unfelt and unheard and the present you who is no longer repeating the past program but is consciously choosing to live with the new intention from the highest self/ heart.

The next time you ask yourself what can I expect from a Holistic ReDesign™ Session, give us a call or schedule your Initial Holistic ReDesign™ Session today by clicking here.

Group LifeLine Sessions: Create the Life You’ve Always Wanted.

Group LifeLine Sessions: Create the Life You’ve Always Wanted.

LifeLine Sessions Banner Image

What if you could create the life you’ve always wanted? I want to let you know about weekly Group LifeLine Sessions. The intention of these sessions is to connect to the past part of ourselves being expressed in feedback from symptoms in our bodies and stress in our relationships. With the power of the LifeLine Technique, “you’ll be able to expand your capacity to thrive and live a passionate and purposeful life which is the ultimate expression of peace.” Group LifeLine Sessions are led by a Certified LifeLine Practitioner and available to you virtually or with limited seating in my office. 


Dr. Darren Weissman, Creator of Lifeline

Dr. Darren Weissman, creator of Lifeline, uses his philosophy of the power of infinite love and gratitude to awaken the secret code of your mind. “The LifeLine Technique is an evolutionary way to release the root cause of symptoms and disease. It uses muscle testing, a flow chart, and the healing frequency of infinite love and gratitude to harmonize the subconsciously internalized, denied, or disconnected emotions that have resulted in symptoms. It’s a fast, safe and powerful tool.” 

LifeLine Center

Not only is a group session a fraction of the cost of a one-on-one session, it’s also an opportunity to lift others up. In Gregg Braden’s book, Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer, he shares a study conducted by the International Peace Project in the Middle East first published in The Journal of Conflict Resolution, December, 1988: On specific days of the month at specific times each day, people were positioned throughout the war-torn areas of the Middle East. During a window of time during which they were asked to feel peace, terrorist activities ceased, crime diminished, hospital visits declined and traffic accidents dropped. When they stopped feeling peace, the numbers reversed. The current state of your life is a barometer for all of humanity.

A group of participants in LifeLine Bootcamp led by Dr. Darren Weissman in Chicago, IL during the month of November 2017.  

Group LifeLine Sessions last 60-90 minutes

One group session can last from 60-90 minutes during which the practitioner taps into the group’s energetic field. “This work reveals the journey of our spirits and sheds new light on one of the greatest mysteries humankind has tried to unravel…the subconscious mind.” I feel these sessions have not only improved my health, but also given me tools to build meaningful relationships in the last year of practicing LifeLine. Those of you who are entrepreneurs like I am will greatly benefit from LifeLine. I am excited about the possibility for continued and expanding consciousness. Knowing these tools makes me feel able to choose love regardless of pain, fear and stress.  I feel more safe and supported than ever before.  If LifeLine has come across your ZYTO balancers as a healing therapy, I need you to know how to schedule a session.  Follow this link: SCHEDULE SESSION

I want you to know how powerful we can be in raising consciousness and bringing “world peace through inner peace,” rippling from each of us personally out to our family and friends, our workplace and our community.  I really want to see you at these powerful sessions!

Dr. Weissman & Gregg Braden’s LifeLine Session:  LifeLine Master Series with Gregg Braden

Collective Group Reframing – Collectively, we can change… and that feels good.

Collective Group Reframing – Collectively, we can change… and that feels good.

Collective Group Reframing – Collectively, we can change… and that feels good.

If you could change the way you think about things and it would change your life and bring to your body, would you do it?  Learn how with a Collective Group Reframing Session with Dr. Nikki Reed Wilson, BCND.


  • As you see yourself today, do you notice pain and stress?
  • Within the body?
  • Within your relationships?
  • Within your communities? Country?
  • Are you able to express your true thoughts and feelings?


In a Collective Group Reframe, we will uncover the subconscious reasons our symptoms and stress are happening.  When our bodies react in ways that we do not choose, we can describe those behaviors as triggers.

2 Ways to Learn About Your Triggers

2 ways to learn about your triggers are through muscle testing and through voice analysis.  Muscle testing is simply a conversation between me and your subconscious mind.  How does it work in a group setting?  I will muscle test the collective consciousness of those participants who are open, ready and willing.  The technology that allows me to put these subconscious conversations in tangible form is my ZYTO Elite software.


You can rent or purchase ZYTO Hand Cradles for virtual sessions from our office.  


Concepts of Perceptions and Limiting Beliefs

I will share concepts of perceptions and limiting beliefs and how they keep us from our heart’s desire.  We will us David Hawkins Power vs Force, as well the universal language of emotions to raise consciousness.  

  • Did you know that each note on the musical scale resonates with a region of the body?
  • Or that musical vibrations can also be helpful in shifting our perceptions?
  • What life view do you currently have?  Do you see beauty in all things or do you carry a vibration of fear around?

In a Collective Group Reframe, we are tapping into the quantum field of all possibilities.  The holographic effect implies that what is happening to one is also happening to the whole.  We can even apply that on a cellular level and say that what happens to one of my cells is happening to the trillion.  


Affordable Collective Group Reframing

Our Collective Group Reframes are affordable so you can repeat them weekly or monthly in order to create a realistic time frame for sustainable change.

Two ways in which we learn:

  • Law of Association (Positive and Negative Known Experiences)
  • Law of Repetition (forming a practice of this work can result in powerful paradigm shifts)


A walk through a Collective Group Reframing Session

I collect subconscious stressors:

  • Who are the people who trigger us?
  • What chakra isn’t vibrating at it’s highest potential
  • When did the stress originally occur?
  • When were we in an environment where we were unseen, unfelt and unheard?
  • Why do we hold onto limiting beliefs that no longer serve us?  What are they?
  • In which of the 12 ZONES of Perception are we most reactive?

The subconscious stressors are represented by the red dots outside the circle in figure 1.  The goal of a Collective Group Reframing Session is to bring these stressors into alignment, indicated by the red dots turning green and moving inside the circle.

Then I collect the following balancers:

  • What do we need to feel in order to heal?
  • Which flower essences help us to process unprocessed emotions?

We are able to see in the following screenshots, that 3 of the 6 stressors were brought into balance simply by looking for more beauty in all things, including traumatic events.

The remaining stressors were brought into range and balanced once we connected to our past memories, felt the emotions in the present moment, and reimagined a more balanced behavior or situation in the future.

I will conclude each Collective Group Reframing Session by retelling the story that no longer serves us, in hopes that when we hear it again, the nervous system no longer carries the same reactive charge.  This calming effect is due to shifting our perceptions and healing by feeling our feelings.

I offer Collective Group Reframing Sessions in my office as well as virtually Wednesday evenings at 6:00 PM.  Book now using this link:

Allergies, Asthma, Bronchitis, Colds, Influenza, Sinus Infections, & Pneumonia all affect our Respiratory System

Allergies, Asthma, Bronchitis, Colds, Influenza, Sinus Infections, & Pneumonia all affect our Respiratory System

During cold and flu season, protecting your respiratory system can be a real challenge.  Holistic ReDesign consists of three simple steps but can at times be complex within each step due to addressing the mind, body and spirit connection.  




1. It is my observation that the following things come up often as Stressors on clients scans that have symptoms affecting the respiratory system.

This list are common triggers/ stressors we want to assist the body in RELEASING: 

  • stress
  • mold
  • animal hair or dander
  • chemicals in food or environment or prescription meds
  • fungus
  • parasites
  • pollen
  • cigarrette smoke
  • dust
  • respiratory infections due to virus, bacteria, & pathogens
  • exercise
  • negative thinking
  • unprocessed emotions

Since mucus and inflammation are the biggest challenges with these symptoms, let’s release anything that contributes to more of that painful inflammation. Here are some dietary suggestions to eliminate when dealing with respiratory symptoms:

  • eliminate refined grains including cakes, pastries, tortillas, white rice, white bread.  Ask yourself does this food turn to paste, gooey, muscusy texture when mixed with a little water?
  • eliminate dairy because it produces more mucus
  • eliminate acidic and sugary beverages
  • eliminate fast foods, processed foods, and foods high in bad fats because they eliminate sulfur in the body and as a consequence increases mucus.

I feel that if we rid the body of stressors/ toxins/ triggers including physical, mental, spiritual and emotional triggers…and we restore the body with what it needs, that our bodies can heal themselves.  Think of this step, RESTORE, as ways to assist the body in what it already innately knows what to do. 

2. Historically, the following nutrients, herbs, homeopathics, healing modalities have been used to restore balance for respiratory symptoms.

  • Feel your feelings
  • Hydrate
  • Rest
  • Epsom Salt Baths, Infrared Sauna, Dry Skin Brushing, Enemas, Lymphatic Movement
  • Eat easily digestible proteins, good quality fats, vegetables and super greens
  • One teaspoon of lemon and one teaspoon of honey in warm water sipped as a tea helps to break up mucus
  • B Complex vitamin that includes pantothenic acid (B5) as well as vitamins A and D and C
  • Minerals
  • Probiotics 
  • NSP’s Silver Shield or Barlow Herbal’s LDM-100
  • Chlorella or Spirulina (Super greens high in b-vitamins, vitamins a, d, and c, minerals and an easily digestible protein) 
  • Positive affirmations: I am free from all congestion and influence. I am at peace with myself and others. All is well.

I need you to be aware that  these herbs have all been used by me and my children to RESTORE health during respiratory symptomatic times. We do not take over the counter medications nor prescription drugs so we don’t have to worry about drug-herb interaction, but if you take meds…do your research to make sure there aren’t interactions that push you further away from center.  

Herbals I trust: Nature’s  Sunshine Product’s:  VS-C, ALJ, LB Extract, Lobelia, Echinacea. 

3. Shifting your perception from victimhood into a state of empowerment will allow the mucus to move on out.  

Do you know anyone who has a phlegmatic personality?  Do they tend to linger or stick around even though the conversation has clearly ended? Guided imagery tip: Perhaps it would be nice to imagine sending the mucus an “I regret to inform you letter, but it’s time to move your mucus self on out.  There’s no longer rooms for rent in my sinus cavity nor lungs.  Times up.  Got to go! With love, Empowered Landlord” 

REFRAMING your perception of being emotionally disconnected to one that is emotionally integrated helps to open up the energy in the lung and heart chakra areas.  Reframe your thoughts to be more conducive of building relationships rather than becoming cold hearted at this time in your life.  Start with simple visualizations and using your imagination to activate the cells in your body to be mind medicine.
I recently had a 3 day mucus project and did everything on this list.  My influenza/ sinusitis was gone in three days. I was back at work yesterday and even though there is a lingering brain fog, I am going to set time today to meditate and visualize myself meeting someone new in 2018. That immediately warms my heart and gets my blood and oxygen circulating which helps the brain fog better and faster than taking an herb.
If you find yourself wanting to purchase herbs at wholesale rather than retail, Go to and at the end of placing your order, you can use my sponsor number 226071.  We offer discounts on all supplement scans for clients in our NSP downline! If you are interested in Barlow Herbal’s LDM-100, call our office and we can order for you and she to you.  My favorite spiraling tablets come from and you can use coupon code: HolisticReDesign to receive 25% off.  Take advantage of those savings, folks and stay warm hearted and warm thinking!
Seeing, feeling, and hearing you,